Questions About Bulk Purchase?

  • Do we qualify for a bulk pricing discount?

    We offer bulk pricing/discount for purchases made directly by a school/program or an institution, typically for the entire class.  To qualify for bulk pricing, the order must meet the below minimum quantity requirements. 

    • STEP1, STEP2:  50 subscriptions
    • STEP3ABIM, ABFM:  20 subscriptions
    • NCLEX-RN/PN:  25 subscriptions
    • MCAT, SAT, ACT, Clinical Med Math:  Please contact us
  • What type of discount is offered?

    Exact discount amounts will vary based on several factors, including the quantity of the purchase, the product ordered, and any additional requirements such as score reporting.  To receive an official quote, please provide the estimated number of desired subscriptions and the desired subscription duration.

  • What products are eligible for bulk pricing discount?

    Bulk pricing is offered for NEW subscription purchases with minimum quantity per package.  The minimum quantities are:

    • STEP1STEP2:  50 subscriptions
    • STEP3ABIM, ABFM:  20 subscriptions
    • NCLEX-RN/PN:  25 subscriptions
    • MCATSATACT, Clinical Med Math:  Please contact us
  • Can we select multiple products based on student preference?

    You may purchase as many different packages as you like within one order, however the minimum requirement must be met per package in order to qualify for the bulk purchase discount prices (i.e. if you purchase 50 subscriptions of the Step1 360 Qbank and 1 subscription of the Step1 730-day Qbank, only the 180-day subscriptions are eligible for the discount.  The 730-day subscription will be billed at full price). However, students are provided the option to upgrade to a longer duration package at the time they redeem their discount code.  They will simply need to pay the difference in value between the two packages.  Therefore, typically one single baseline product is selected for the purchase.

  • When does the subscription start? Can we choose a preferred start date?

    All recipients of a discount code from a bulk purchase must redeem their discount code within the stated deadline (30 days from code issuance).  However, the subscription will not automatically activate once it is redeemed.  The subscription can be activated at any time following redemption, with no deadline for activation.

  • How does the bulk purchase process work (eg, process, logistics)?

    A brief overview of the process is as follows:

    • We provide an official quote for the quantity and duration that is requested.
    • The purchaser provides an official Purchase Order and a list of participating individuals.
    • We process the order and participating individuals will receive their own unique discount code via email.
    • We will provide a final invoice once the order has been processed.
    • Purchaser will then remit payment per the invoice terms.

    Individuals need to redeem their discount code under their own UWorld account within the stated deadline.

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