Kaplan Buyer Beware

5/7/2013 2:26:19 AM
I decided to go with Kaplan review initially. Unfortunately, it has been a long-running nightmare for me.

They don't actually have a QBank app that will work on Android. You can try to access their QBank via kaptest.com, but after spending hours trying to find a browser or plugin that would allow me to run the QBank off of their website (Photon works best), I gave up because even the solution I found would crash every few questions. I tried on both a Galaxy SII and a Note II. These phones run almost ANYTHING you want them to. It took at least five calls and being put on hold several times (about 5-30 min/call) over the course of a month to finally get someone to admit that they don't actually have a way of using their QBank on an Android operating system. Eventually, they refunded me $250 so I could by a usable QBank from another company. If you don't believe me, check out all the one-star reviews on Google Play Store.

You're supposed to meet with an advisor, but to do that, you must schedule an appointment. This was, and still is, impossible because the software does not allow me to log in both on my extremely fast VAIO laptop or my Note II. Fortunately, my advisor was kind and allowed me to schedule an appointment via email.

I also was on the phone for 75 minutes to try to get my diagnostic test to work. As I said, I have a modern laptop and Kaplan produces the only software that I have problems with.

I attended my first live online class today. Dr. Fischer is very knowledgeable. His information is not the same as the information in the lecture notes or the online lectures because he gives the current information in the live online lectures, and the notes and his old online lectures are outdated (you can just see by how much older he looks now, or you can do simple things like see how the use of clopidogrel has changed since the notes or books were made). You also don't get a chance to review the classes, so if a motorcycle goes rumbling by and you miss one key word, you're going to basically lose an entire case. I was told it would be like the IM live online class where the classes are online for a few days so that you can review them and fill in any holes that you may have in your notes...like from garbage trucks backing up for a minute, getting stuck in traffic/public transportation, getting up for a bathroom break, etc. With this class, it's like you can kiss the rest of that subject goodbye. When I asked for clarification, Dr. Fischer just said he was tired of talking about it. He is constantly reading the text that students type in, so you can't tell if something is his opinion or if he's making fun of someone's incorrect reply just by listening. I think that I'm like most people in that I look down from a screen when I write (I was told by my advisor to write in the notes), so the lectures are hard to follow although I am a native English speaker.
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5/7/2013 3:57:43 AM
I decided to take down the emails from Kaplan, but if you'd like more documentation of the daily speedbumps I've been facing, you can PM me and I'll forward you the emails.

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