Passed CS in atlanta- never give up

3/7/2019 6:07:16 AM
I am an Old IMG that failed on my first attempt by just practicing with my wife and first aid, I did not take it seriously on my first attempt and i became very depressed almost quit completely , then when my father passed away i decided to comeback and finish my steps. I took my exam Jan 14 at the atlanta test center, i got my passing cs results Wed Got High performance stars in ICE CIS and SEP, I studied for only 1 week for the exam. I was the only IMG in the test center as there were all AMG with me. I was very nervous and the AMG students were laughing and joking around before the exam. I wanted to thank all of my study partners on this forum, did FA twice, some UW cases, and went to Goldusmle cs classes and found my mistakes during this class. It was very helpful and I recognized what i was doing wrong from FA with this class. They covered all of the 2019 physical exams, hx taking and patient note techniques very well and the patients were very helpful and nice with their feedback, they cover challenging cases to push you and get you ready for any situation with their feedback. They provided oral and written feedback at the conclusion of the practice exam. The patients were very good actors and gave good practice before i went to my real exam. I would not have done well without the feedback and constructive criticism that i received and I am thankful to them. I saw 36 patient cases in both practice exams over the 5 day goldusmle course and it was very helpful. I strongly recommend it for all IMG/AMG for a quick fix before their exam.

3/7/2019 6:08:30 AM
Don't be intimidated if you see all younger AMGs in front of you you must perform and trust your own ability, and think on the spot that's the whole purpose of the exam.

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