Biostatistics and epidemiology are core components of the medical curriculum because a clear understanding of these subjects is required to critically review research and the medical literature. Concepts from these subjects are tested in all three steps of the written USMLE exam and are found in residency in-service and board exams for numerous, if not all, medical specialties.

Key Features

  • Distills the most important details into a format that is interactive and can be reviewed in a short time
  • Provides for thorough understanding of how these subjects are tested
  • Basic and advanced concepts are presented to teach students how to apply this knowledge in exam scenarios
  • Fast and effective way to learn

Why Should I Subscribe?

Simply reading about biostatistics and epidemiology does little to prepare you to apply that information practically in a standardized testing environment. UWorld's subject matter and questions are developed, edited, and constantly updated by physicians and specialists who have taken the tests and mastered the knowledge base. The biostatistics and epidemiology subject review presents basic and advanced concepts in a simple way for more efficient learning.

  • Subject -> Chapter -> Topic level tree navigation for quick and easy review
  • Multiple sets of questions for each topic in each chapter
  • Detailed explanation for each topic
  • Significantly different sets of questions (compared to Qbank) based on the most realistic exam content
  • Substitutes subject review books with online interactive quiz approach
  • Includes the most relevant exam material to help students prepare efficiently


I just took Step 3 and I wanted to say that I am very appreciative of your excellent Qbanks and CCS cases! I feel like they were very true to the style and type of questions asked on Step 3 and were excellent preparation. The answer explanations are thorough but concise, and do a great job of pointing out the most testable material.

- Ashley

Just wanted to say thanks so much for such a well researched and developed product in your Qbank and CCS. I am a PGY5, general surgery resident currently in my third year of research. Without your product, I would not have been able to do such an efficient and effective review of the med, peds and ob/gyn that I have long forgotten.

- Anthony


UWorld has designed the subject review series to present important core concepts in a novel fashion that pairs concise, high-yield explanations with test-style multiple-choice questions to ensure complete understanding of the study material. Unlike texts, review books, and other available resources, the subject review distills the most important details into an interactive format that can be reviewed quickly.

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