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 Since 2001, nearly all medical students in the United States have trusted UWorld to prepare for their licensing exams.  Being at the forefront of medical education gives us an obligation to provide students with only the best practice questions and explanations.  Our goal is not only to prepare you for the USMLE, but to help you become a better clinician.

Key Features

  1. 70+ high-yield clinical cases

    A complete guided tour of this practical examination
    Detailed history taking and physical examination techniques with video
  2. Tips for success on the examination

    Ability to enter simulated patient encounter notes for practice cases
    Patient counseling and how to respond to patients’ challenging questions

STEP 2 CS Highlights

Patient Notes 

Ability to enter simulated patient encounter notes for practice cases

Physical Exam Techniques 

Detailed history taking and physical examination techniques with video

Multiple Devices

Practice clinical cases any time, anywhere, on desktop and mobile devices

Comprehensive preparation

Our Step 2 CS course provides candidates with high-yield practice cases that cover all the relevant aspects of this practical examination.  Our detailed cases guide you through the history taking process, describe the important physical examination maneuvers, and provide a thorough list of differential diagnoses with appropriate diagnostic workup.

STEP 2 CS Pricing

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Renewal Instructions

  Please purchase a renewal using the "Renew" option from the My Account page
  To qualify for renewal pricing, course must be renewed before it expires
  All renewals are effective from the current expiration date and cannot be deferred
  Test information cannot be reset (deleted) with renewal unless eligibility criteria is met (see Help page)

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“I am very much indebted to the UWorld for making my preparation for the csa very focused and efficient. No doubt that this exam has a lot of stress associated with it ; not because it is very difficult but as it involves a great deal of money invested and a lot of applicants who compete . This is where the UWorld team has made a significant contribution ...making it a lot more easier to the candidates to face this exam confidently.”


“I think there is no one in the market at even a mile's radius within u guys as far as EXCELLENCE is concerned. I am amazed at the hard work you guys have put in and how accurate your insight about the usmle exams is. I mean you hit the nail on the head every time. For my CS, which I gave recently, If it wasn't for your 70 plus cases, i would have freaked out at the real exam. As it is, nothing was out of the ordinary for me on the exam day.”


“UWorld is the best tool in order to pass. I mean it. I took the CS a total of 3 times. I passed on the 3rd attempt after learning the techniques needed to pass from UWorld. I thought BATES, OSCE/CSA, and NMSR GREEN Book was enough. You definitely need UWorld to pass with confidence. You will have an idea even before you get your results after going through this website. Take my word for it. This site is a must. It is very inexpensive.”



Frequently Asked Questions

New Purchase: All new subscriptions go into effect from the time they are activated and not the time of setup/purchase. It can be activated immediately or anytime thereafter. If your initial purchase consists of multiple courses (Qbank, self-assessment exam, CCS, etc.), each of them can be activated individually and independently via your account on our website as preferred. This process of activating a subscription after purchase allows you flexibility of starting a subscription when you are truly ready to utilize it.

Our self-assessment exam subscription is independent of other subscription duration. It can be activated via your account on our website and will stay active for 2-weeks from the time of activation. You can activate it before, during or after your other subscribed course material.

We recommend that all subscription be activated within 180 days of setup/purchase. Once a subscription is activated, it cannot be paused or suspended for any reason and will run continuously for the duration of said course material.

Renewal: A renewal is basically an extension of time to continue access to an previously activated subscription. Since a renewal is an extension to an already active subscription, it is effective from the existing expiration date, NOT from the day of purchase and cannot be deferred to start at a later date/time.

Note: All of our subscriptions are based according to the Eastern Time Zone (GMT/UTC -5 hours or New York Time), which may be different than your local time zone.


Any of our product offerings can be purchased from our website with payment due in full at time of purchase via a credit or debit card with American Express/Discover/MasterCard or Visa logo.

You will need to register for an account in order to purchase any of our products.  Once you have registered for an account or if you already have an account:

  • Login to your account with your login credentials
  • Click on the Cart icon at the top of the page and then select View for your desired product to view a list of available subscriptions, combination packages, and their prices
  • Click on Buy next to the subscription and duration you wish to purchase
  • Verify that the correct product is in your cart and click Checkout
  • Please review the Profile, Billing, and Payment information to ensure that it has all been entered accurately and click Review Order
  • A confirmation page will be displayed on the final page. You must click Place Order to finalize your purchase. If you do not click Place Order, the purchase will not be completed and no product will be added to your account.
  • A purchase receipt will automatically be sent to your registered email address.  If you complete your purchase but do not receive a receipt, please contact Support.

You can subscribe to any of our online courses/services using a credit or debit card with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo.  Your subscription will be available for activation immediately or can be activated later from your account on our website after successful payment.

You can also subscribe via personal check, money order, or demand drafts taken in U.S. dollars.  These types of payments should be mailed to us and should include the name of the subscription, the duration you wish to subscribe, along with the details that have been asked in the register form.  We will setup your account as soon as we receive your payment and notify you via email of your access credentials.  All direct-mail payments must be in U.S. dollars and made payable to "UWorld". Please send the payment(s) to the address in the contact us section.

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash via mail, currencies other than U.S. dollars, PayPal, or payments via fax.

All refunds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  One case has no bearing on another.  Refund amounts determined by UWorld are final.

USMLE Step 2 CS, Step 3 CCS, Subject Reviews & Self-Assessment Exams:  These subscriptions are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be converted into another subscription.

All Qbanks:  No refunds are allowed for the first 30-day duration of any subscription, unless the subscription has not been activated.  Refunds are considered for subscriptions with more than 30-day duration.  Refund amounts are based on the number of days elapsed since the subscription start date or the amount of questions used, whichever amounts to a higher deductible.

Example Scenario:  An individual purchases a 180-day Qbank subscription and generates a few test blocks equal to 20% of the questions in the Qbank.  After 45 days, he/she request for a refund.  As the elapsed duration is greater than the percentage of questions used, the refund amount will be based on a subscription converted to the closest duration (60 days) by deducting applicable 60-days subscription fee from the refund.  Additionally, in the same scenario if the individual had used 85% of the questions, the refund would be 15% of the subscription fee paid.

Note 1:  A processing fee of 10% (with minimum of $10 and maximum of $25) will be applied to all refund amounts.

Note 2:  All refunds, pro-rated or otherwise must be requested within 360 days of original purchase.  Refunds for purchases made more than 360 days ago will be issued as nonrefundable store credit.

Note 3:  The subscriber must notify UWorld of their intent of a refund before activating their subscription (or) during the active duration.  If the reset option is used or all of the questions are used, no refund will be allowed (see "I want to reset/delete my Qbank test history (or) start all over again, is this possible?" below for further details).  No refunds will be offered for expired subscriptions.

Note 4:  For combination package purchases, individual subscription fees will be applied when calculating the refund.  If ANY Self-Assessment Exam(s) is utilized from a package, the entire purchase is rendered non-refundable.

Note 5:  While access to Qbanks via certain mobile devices is provided as an additional feature, it is not intended to be a replacement for computer access, and no refunds or cancellations will be honored due to a user's inability to install and/or use the provided software on any mobile device (regardless of whether or not the device meets the minimum system requirements).


You may request to upgrade or downgrade your subscription purchase as long as it has not been activated.  If you purchase a combination package, all included subscriptions must be unused.  Please be advised that current subscription pricing will apply.

If your subscription has been activated, unfortunately, we cannot upgrade it retroactively.  If seeking to downgrade, please refer to our refund policy for available options.

Please login to your account and click on the Renew button. This option provides a list of available renewal durations and their prices for the selected course. You can select Buy and renew your existing course for the desired duration of time.

A renewal is an extension of time to continue accessing an active subscription, and it will not start the subscription over or provide a reset. Since a renewal is an extension to an already active subscription, it is effective from the existing expiration date, NOT from the date of purchase, and cannot be deferred to start at a later date/time.

To qualify for renewal pricing, you will need to renew the course before it expires. Renewals are not offered for expired subscriptions and you will have to purchase a new subscription at regular price directly from our website to gain access to the material.

Note: All times and dates displayed for subscription expiration correspond with the Eastern Time Zone (GMT/UTC -5 hours or New York Time), which may be different than your local time zone.

Note: If your initial purchase was a combination package, you will need to renew each active subscription individually. You do not need to renew a course that has not been activated.


Unfortunately, we do not offer custom duration(s) or combination packages other than those outlined on the website.  Please refer to our purchase page for currently available subscriptions (including discounted combination packages for some products).

Moreover, the minimum duration of a new Qbank subscription purchase is 30 days and are not available in any other shorter or custom durations.  The self-assessment exam subscriptions are for 14 days each.  Subscribers whose active subscription(s) have not expired can purchase renewals from 7-days or more at any time before their active subscription expires.  Please refer to the respective course description page for renewal options.

Unfortunately, renewals are not offered for expired subscriptions and you will have to purchase a new subscription at regular price to regain access to the material.

However, if access to historical data is a concern, we can help restore it in a newly purchased subscription upon request (as long as it is purchased using the same username and it is within 180-days from your previous subscriptions expiration date). This is not an automatic process and must be requested via email after you purchase your subscription and before activation. Please be sure to include your username in the email when requesting a restore. Once a request is submitted, do NOT access/activate or attempt to use the course material until we have a chance to perform the restore operation of your data.

The restore process is performed during our office hours of 10AM - 6PM (M-F, New York Time) and typically takes 2-4 hours. Once a restore of your historical data is performed, we will notify you via email so you can start using your subscription with access to your historical test data.

We do not offer guest/trial accounts to test our software and to view materials.  However, we offer a demo on each of our product pages which contains a sample of the product interface and a few sample questions.

It is possible for you to purchase a subscription as a gift for someone else.  However, the intended recipient will need to register an account on our website (or have an account registered for them, with their profile information entered accurately).  If the user is present at the time of purchase, the purchase can be made from their account on our website using any credit or debit card with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover logo.

If the user is not present, or you wish for the gift to be a surprise, please contact Support directly using the contact form to arrange payment for the gift subscription.  Please be prepared to provide the user's registered email address so the account can be located.

There are several possible scenarios that may result in a purchase error when attempting a purchase on our website.

  • Bank declined:  Your card-issuing bank may have declined the transaction if it does not match your usual purchase pattern, it exceeds your purchase limit, there are insufficient funds or there was an incorrect entry of subscriber information, including card number, card code, expiration date, name on card, etc.  Please contact the card-issuing bank to resolve the problem and then try the operation again.  If you prefer, you can also use a different card or payment means (see "What forms of payment(s) to you accept?" for alternate purchasing options).
  • Incorrect CVV2 code:  The payment transaction may have been declined due to a card code mismatch.  The card code or Card Validation Code (CVC/CVV2) is a three or four-digit code located on the card.  For Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards, this three-digit code is located on the back of the card.  For American Express cards, this four-digit code is located on the front of the card above the full card number.  Please double check the CVV2 code you have entered and try the transaction again.
  • Duplicate purchase attempt:  You will not be able to purchase a new subscription if that subscription currently exists in your account and is not expired.  Additionally, if multiple purchase attempts are made in rapid succession, the site will automatically block these purchases to be sure that your card is not charged multiple times.  Please wait a few minutes before attempting your transaction again.
  • Blocked card:  If your card has been blocked due to too many failed transaction attempts, sign out of your account and sign back in to clear the temporary block.

Questions About Bulk Purchase?

We offer bulk pricing/discount for purchases made directly by a school/program or an institution, typically for the entire class.  It is not feasible to offer bulk pricing when the purchase is made by an individual (eg, class president, SGA treasurer) for a group of individuals (eg, entire class, peer group, study group).

To qualify for bulk pricing, the order must meet minimum quantity and duration requirements.  The minimum quantities are:

  • STEP1, STEP2:  50 subscriptions
  • STEP3ABIM, ABFM:  20 subscriptions
  • NCLEX-RN/PN:  25 subscriptions
  • MCAT, SAT, ACT:  20 subscriptions

For all subscriptions, the minimum duration purchase for bulk pricing is 90 days.  Additionally, bulk pricing is not available for 2-year Qbank subscriptions.

Exact discount amounts will vary based on several factors, including the quantity of the purchase, the product ordered, and any additional requirements such as score reporting.  To receive an official quote, please provide the estimated number of desired subscriptions and the desired subscription duration.

Bulk pricing is offered for NEW subscription purchases of at least 90 days duration that meet the perscribed minimum quantity per package.  Bulk pricing is not available for 2-year Qbank subscriptions.  The minimum quantities are:

  • STEP1STEP2:  50 subscriptions
  • STEP3ABIM, ABFM:  20 subscriptions
  • NCLEX-RN/PN:  25 subscriptions
  • MCATSATACT:  20 subscriptions

Bulk pricing is not offered for non-Qbank products, such as the STEP2 CS, STEP3 CCS, Biostatistics Subject Review, or Self Assessment Exams not purchased as part of a Qbank package.  These products may be purchased in addition to Qbank products in the same bulk order, however, they will be billed at regular price.

You may purchase as many different packages as you like within one order, however the minimum requirement must be met per package in order to qualify for the bulk purchase discount prices.  (i.e. if you purchase 50 subscriptions of the Step1 90-day Qbank and 1 subscription of the Step1 180-day Qbank, only the 90-day subscriptions are eligible for the discount.  The 180-day subscription will be billed at full price)

However, students are provided the option to upgrade to a longer duration package at the time they redeem their discount code.  They will simply need to pay the difference in value between the two packages.  Therefore, typically one single baseline product is selected for the purchase.

All recipients of a discount code from a bulk purchase must redeem their discount code within the stated deadline (30 days from code issuance).  However, the subscription will not automatically activate once it is redeemed.  The subscription can be activated at any time following redemption, with no deadline for activation.

A brief overview of the process is as follows:

  • We provide an official quote for the quantity and duration that is requested.
  • The purchaser provides an official Purchase Order.
  • The purchaser provides a list of participating individuals who will receive the discount codes.
  • When the order is processed, all participating individuals will receive their own, unique discount code directly in their email from UWorld.  They will then need to redeem this discount code under their own UWorld account within the stated deadline.
  • We will provide a final invoice once the order has been processed.
  • Purchaser will then remit payment per the invoice terms.
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