Best 2CK book

7/12/2017 9:28:57 PM
looks like this Yale-g First Aid is very good, comprehensive, concise n up-to-date. any comment?

10/3/2017 3:45:43 PM
ytkg819159 wrote:
looks like this Yale-g First Aid is very good, comprehensive, concise n up-to-date. any comment?

I LOVEEEEE THIS BOOK! I can not stress enough how great it is and how much it has helped me! I am now preparing for my Step 2 CK and it has done wonders! I did not like the approach of MTB so I really had to search hard to find the previous version of that book and even in the more primitive stages of its development I loved the structure and contents and I felt it was the most complete resource I could find for the clinical parts of the USMLE. This is not an easy task so I am very grateful that I actually searched for one year to find this book and went for it even though not many people were aware of its existence at this point! My only regret is that I did not find it earlier! I contacted the author to compliment his work and send him some feedback on how he could improve the structure and design of the book since I already loved the contents and he took my comments under serious consideration. He has been working very hard to keep this book up-to-dated and even updates it during the year to ensure that clinical pearls given are correct and help you master everything without needing to worry about your source of information!!! I do not have much time so this book is my ONLY resource along with UWORLD question bank and I can tell you this is more than enough to ace the exams!!! I already feel very comfortable sitting the exams and getting great scores! I ALWAYS ALWAYS HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK as the ONLY comprehensive book for the clinical parts of the USMLE! Seeing how much this book has progressed with the hard work of the author I am comfortable that I will be able to use it for several years in order to be confident for my clinical knowledge even during residency! It is easy to read and it is all you will ever need! Good luck everyone! I hope you will love this book as much as I did!!!

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