Step 3 in time for 2010 Match

9/2/2009 3:51:17 PM
Dear All,

I'm ECFMG-certified, but feel that my scores are too low to give me a fighting chance, hence I've decided to take Step 3 to be in time for the match. What is the latest date by which USMLE Step 3 should be passed to be in time for 2010 match? I've tried emailing NRMP but they've passed the buck to the ERAS whose timeline at isn't clearly stating the date. Could someone please help? Also, is there any advantage in withholding USMLE scores in the ERAS application till the step 3 scores are in?


9/4/2009 7:58:31 PM
Thanks so much for the reply. I am a Green Card holder, but an FMG. How accurate are the Match-A-Resident lists?

telly2009 wrote:
Well, that's also depend on whether you're FMG or not. If you're a non-US citizen or non-permanent resident, you need to take step 3 and have the result by the time-line stated by the program that you're applying. Some require that you have the result available by end of Dec or Jan. This is to ensure that they have an ample time to process your the H1B visa. Although, some program do accept the result by Match day. If you check out FSMB website, you can find out all the information about the application. ECFMG does not really look over the Step 3 process. You need to check it with FSMB. The dateline for step 3 application -- 2009 cycle taker -- is Sept 4th. You need to get your application in by this date. I hope this help.
Good luck.

9/5/2009 9:35:45 AM
Best of luck, telly, & be sure to let me know when u match. I've limited myself to Fam Med & Int Med just to be sure I get in, any comments.

9/5/2009 12:20:49 PM
My Personal Statement is beginning to look like Mahabharat/Odysssey; I'll have to explain my very old grad date and a shift from ENT to Int Med/Fam Med! I'll be content with bottom-barrel; anyway, best of luck to both of us...

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