242/83 ... depressed

7/13/2012 7:43:07 AM
YaVa20071567 wrote:
Hi guys...im an IMG looking for a spot in surgery..
my Step1 score is 239/99 and Step2 CK score is 242/83...
do i stand a real chance of getting a residency...im ofcourse looking at a prelim spot at a good place...can some1 tell me if the scores are good...
edited by YaVa20071567 on 7/12/2012

such good scores and depressed.look at the world around and there are ppl who are much lower than you. ppl like me would definetly die for such scores. you definetly are an img no doubt ,your tone sounds like one, i wont name the country but i know it very well. be happy with what you have and give step3 will increase your chances

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