My step 3 experience

9/9/2012 11:49:52 PM
Hi everyone... Just thought I'd share my step 3 experience with all.
I passed with 214. (Dont know how good that score is). I studied from UWorld, kaplan qbank, mtb step 2 and 3. My advice is - practice as many questions as you can. I got many questions directly from uworld, kaplan qbank, nbme and (fred software). Eat well, get good rest and don't be tensed. My nbme went pretty badly (I got 320), but nbme does not predict well for me. Even in step 2, I got pretty low on nmbe but I scored high (more than 30 points higher than nbme).. So dont get dejected with nbme score.

Good luck, study well, pray well, and be cool!

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