PASSED CK!! my experience

9/26/2012 5:24:12 PM
got my scores today. passed CK with 20 point increase from step 1.
My experience:total study time 3months
Last 2 months of core rotations went through all kaplan videos and notes.
Then read through YALE G clinical review.during that time I did U-world tutor mode after each chapter.
finished U world with 60% cummulative.
while i did u-world i made notes in my yale G.
went back to my book after i was done with U-world one more time as i did the missed Uworld questions mixed and tutor mode.
when i was done, i got a one month u-world subscription and went though it again one last time. my cummulative score this time was 84%.
the test itself was challenging. i thought i had failled. it is not a straight memorization exam. it is all application.Critical thinking.
My advice-stick to one study source and u-world. know it inside out. definfitely do kaplan videos. they are alot but very helpful.
Yale G, great is a summary of all kaplan books. condense, lots of high yield info. every line is high yeild info to know. have to make your self go through it. every chapter has high yeild questions. Challenging questions. But very helpful.i decided not to look at my score on the high yeild questions but to learn the concepts from them. got similar questions on my test..similar concept just worded differently.
Any regrets: wish i went to yale G more than i did. I would have had at least a 250. but so proud of my score which has made up for my weak step 1 score.
Above all, I praise God for the success and His miracle.
I did my best and He blessed the work of my hands.

9/26/2012 6:16:29 PM
Congrats! I felt the same way after the test (wrote 09/08) and expected my results today but it didnt come, maybe next week. I hope I have the same story as you!
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