electronic mental harrassment

10/4/2009 3:41:02 PM
done step 3 thrice. each time suffered tremendous electronic mental attacks prometric supervising staff using computerized devices. does anybody have countermeasures against these evil?

10/11/2009 12:39:29 AM
Hi there again. i took the exams at different centers. During my 1st @ step 3,my computer had problems on day one-Iwaited to take the exam but had a delay of about 45 mins-1hour.Again on day 2 the same problem occurred, this time even longer. can you imaagine what that did to a candidate? I complained to Prometric and the exam co-ordinator. she acknowledge they had problems but there was nothing they could do she permitted me to get a 3rd party if i wanted. I was the last to take an exam at the center. It was enough it happened the first day, but for it to happen on the second day was nothing but sabotage! I would like to get to the 3rd time.The upstairs where i lived so disturbed during my prep ,esp at odd hours like 12mn-3am! i had to call the police. this was sequel to unbearable nocturnal disturbances that the apartment management was unable to do anything about. They tracked me to my hotel room, sent somebody to come stay next room who continued the acts till at the exam center where the supervising staff acknowledged via his cellphone to the "gang" that i had arrived. the rest is beyond this scope.
i understand a countermeasure is available but the price is a couple of thousands. Ok.

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