Step 2 ck result!!!

10/25/2012 1:17:48 PM
(US- IMG studying in India)
I studied for Step 2 ck from May to August (3.5 months approx.)
Materials used:
1. MTB step 2 ck Conrad Fischer (Must ABSOLUTELY give a read at least 2 times)
2. U World qbank (2 times) + Self assesment form
3. Kaplan Q bank ( 1 time - did in the last 19 days before exam)
4. NBME'S 1 wk before exam (all 4 forms)
Average score: 540 appox. 230

Test was on August 2, 2012 (I got 7 hours of sleep before test)
Was very nervous and anxious but still tried to keep a cool head. Didn't attempt 2 questions as ran out of time. Final Score received on October 24, 2012. (Score of 243 Percentile: 84)

Bottom Line: U world is a MUST if you wan't to get above 220 in exam. The questions are very similar to the real exam from personal experience!!!

10/25/2012 3:59:44 PM
Hi there,
Please can u guide me about the real exam question's difficulty level?Is the difficulty level exactly the same as that of U-World Q-bank? or are there more tougher questions in real exam??
I'm doing the U-world q-bank nowadays,so will I be able to answer the real exam questions sufficiently with the same knowledge?AND
Is it mandatory to buy the KAPLAN Q-bank as well??

I have only 3 wks left....for the real exam....Please guide as I'm really nervous...ur help will be Highly appreciated.

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