i need help

11/2/2012 10:59:31 AM
i m an img. i failed in step1.unfortunately in failed in 2cs also.

is there any chance for me 2 get in internal medicine residency ?

i feel like hell becoz im confident that i wil pass 2cs but this is my bad luck.

anybody plz reply with information.!

11/2/2012 6:59:29 PM
First of all, it is difficult for all IMG's, not only you.
Now, there is a pattern here, in which, you are failing more that one test, which is problematic.
Please,it is not related to luck, let me tell you. It is related to how well you were prepared, how well you were doing in the pre-tests,how well you studied with FOCUS on what the test requires.
You will not be elegible to enter in a residency program if you have not completed ALL Steps 1 and 2's, (CK and CS) then you will get your ECFMG Certificate and, at that point, you can apply for residency, anyone.
If you are in the USA, you may need help,from some very good places, like Kaplan,Archer, PR, etc.
But again, is you, not them, who takes the test. So, you have to study hard with no distractions.
The material, at that places I mentioned, is enough to pass. But, you have to study them to the bone and practice thousands and thousands questions, until you get the mechanics and timing to the test.
Clinical Skills is very personal, but your ENGLISH COMMAND has to be almost perfect, as well as your manners. Example, did you wash your hands in any encounter, in and out of the room?If you did not, you were penalized, for sure Did you treat your patient respectfully?
When you gave them the possible diagnostics, are they explained well, to the point and not confusing? If they got confused, you lost points, for sure. When you wrote your H+P, did you forget any path to diagnostics? How many possible diagnostics did you consider? One, two,three, four, how many? Were you cost effective or you spent like Obama.These are questions you have to answer yourself.
If you are outside the USA go to the American Embassy and ask where do they have American Companies in that country that prep for the tests.
I can tell because I pass all the Steps, I finished residency and I am practicing in the USA and, many times, I continued reading this forum, seeing how many ill advices from some one, that even doesn't know his/her name can direct you to failure.So, first, be extremely well prepared, the kind that gives you a relaxing time during the test and not a stress that conduct you to a fail.
Good luck, and keep it up. Never give up, as Americans do. Do you want to practice in here, right? Well, start for imitating them, the Americans. They want to be number one,always,right? Well, we do too.
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