Be careful of the Self-assessment Exam

11/18/2012 8:02:21 PM
I used UW Self-assessment Exam for step2, and got 233. So I went ahead to the test, only found my final score was 225; I used UW Self-assessment Exam for step3, got 213. So I went ahead to the test, again found my score was only 192! Therefore, if you want to use their self-assessment exams, please be extremely careful!

11/21/2012 5:03:31 PM
I completely agree with you, took uw assessment 460/207, but i did bad on my nbme, so i postponed my scheduled test, which supposed to be next week. people say dont' use uworld assessment for step 3.
Congratulations on passing step 3, i know the score is not as high as you wished but hey, at least you passed it.
Would you kind me tell me what materials did you use?

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