problem with me or software?!!

1/20/2013 11:24:06 PM
1. when i cancel orders after changing patient from ER to home, the patient goes back to his original state of distress. Should I be cancelling only after I reach the 2 min screen?
2. I am doing everything given in the explanation, sometimes even redoing the case making sure I get everything in. Despite that,the surgical consult always says "no recommendation. continue with..."

How do I circumvent this? Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch in the software?

1/21/2013 5:20:47 PM
I was under the impression that when u sent a patient home. The orders are either follow through or cancelled automatically. I don't believe you need to cancel any orders unless they were originally wrong. Just how orders are automatically changed when you go from the ER to the floor or ICU. This also happens when the patient is sent home.

good luck !

1/27/2013 1:30:18 PM
Hi, I think it will depend case to case.
which case are you referring to specifically?
let me know if want to discuss feww ccs cases ?
add me on skype for discussion- drsg25
Thanks !

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