My Step 3 scores and correlations

11/8/2009 9:51:17 PM
I have no previous residency training, & I am a FMG.
Final Step 3 score(1st attempt): 203/83
-UWorld practice exam: 191
-USMLEConsult practice exam: 210
-NBME Score(1& 1/2 months before exam): 380
-UWorld Qbank: final average score after one time(all ?'s): 51%
-Kaplan Qbank: final average score after one time(all ?'s): 55%
-UWorld CCS: each case > 5 times
-USMLEConsult CCS: each case 2 times
Most of my 'performances' were border line, none were 'lower performance'. My CCS cases had one 'x' on borderline the rest were above. At least 4 cases on real exam were not on either of the CCS-banks, but not impossible. Many of the questions were extremely similar to UWorld Qbank. There was lots of "What is most frequent complication?" & "What's the treatment of complication?" A few "What's the natural evolution of the disease if no intervention is practiced?" There were a few Step Two drug questions using drugs' mech. of action as answer options. I had at least 10 Qbank style questions dealing with statistics-study them all as those are easy points:RR ARR and relationship of both.
Don't just study the questions' answers from Qbank. Study the complications of the diseases. I took another forum members advice and used the AAFP site for supplemental studies.

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