clock functions...very confusing

2/5/2013 3:46:15 AM
Hi all,
I'm sorry. I'm new to the software and I don't understand the CLOCK FUNCTION.

suppose I have a pt in E.R. on Day 1 @ 14:00. After reading case introduction, vitals and history, I decide to give some emergency orders to stabilize.

I order, i.e. labs A (report available on Day 1 @ 14:01) and labs B (report available on Day 1 @ 14:05) plus other stuff.

Then I perform my focused physical, which will take 7 minutes.
The sofware alerts me that this will advance ELAPSED SIMULATED TIME 7 min = Day 1 @ 14:07. I click OK, infact the patient is stabilized and I need some test results before moving on in management. I expect the Elapsed simulated time to move effectively to Day 1 @ 14:07 but, no, I have my first surprise.

This window pops up on ELAPSED SIMULATE TIME DAY 1 @ 14:01 with the results of my labs A.
The software alerts me that CURRENT TIME IS DAY 1 @ 14:01 and asks me CONTINUE CLOCK ADVANCE? NOTE: stopping the clock will CANCEL all pending H and P activities.

I am a bit confused, I am still on Day 1 @14:01 when I thought I would be on Day [email protected] 14:07. I decide to click CONTINUE because I still need to get the results of my physical exam and of Lab B.

Now it's ELAPSED SIMULATE TIME DAY 1 @ 14:07 and I get my physical exam results.
I click OK
Again the software alerts me that CURRENT TIME IS DAY 1 @ 14:07 and asks me if I want to CONTINUE CLOCK ADVANCE.
I CLICK CONTINUE because I still need to get the results of my Lab 2 (shouldn't they come up automatically? I expected them to be available on Day 1 @ 14:05).

As soon as I click CONTINUE, a new window pops up with the RESULTS of my Lab 2 but...ELAPSED SIMULATE TIME has gone back on DAY 1 @ 14:05.
I read the result of Lab 2, click OK and here is what the software now tells me:


Wait. What? How is it possible? You don't go back in time, this is not BACK TO THE FUTURE...I should be on Day 1 @ 14:07. I was already there. How can it be possible that I'm taken back in time? Moreover, I get to choose if I want to place new orders or cancel...What is this? Shouldn't this exame simulate a real time case? Since when, in medical management, you have the privilege of going back in time?

This continuous jumping back and forward in the Elapsed simulated time really confuses me.
Is this how it's supposed to be or do I have a huge bug in my software?
Please, let me know

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