NBME for step 3 Answers ?

4/12/2013 12:28:37 AM
Hi Guys!

I took Form 1 nbme for step 3, didn't do well at all and really wanted to know if anyone knew where I can find answers (unofficial obviously) to try to figure out the answers to my incorrect ones??

Thanks in Advance

4/23/2013 7:38:07 PM
bumping! come on. they must be somewhere no??

5/3/2013 4:32:21 PM
I'm willing to go through the questions with someone to figure out the answers. Some of the answers that I got online from Step 1 forums were wrong, and my study partners and I were just frustrated trying to figure out what the right answers were.

For Step 3, I'd like to try a different approach: Does anyone want to email or Skype with me to figure out the answers to missed questions. From what I understand, since I plan on taking the $60 tests, they should come in my printout...I haven't taken the two NBMEs, yet. I will know ONE of the wrong answers, at least!

I don't have any copies of the downloaded Step 3 NBME forms. If anyone wants to forward those to me in a PM, that would be great. It seems like you guys have them. Once I have these, and take the tests, we could also go over the answers via Skype or email.

7/17/2013 2:34:24 PM

Do you by any chance have answers to step 3 nbme form 3?


[email protected]

8/15/2013 12:07:44 PM
i recently took both the form 2 and 3 for step 3. I also scored very poorly especially compared to my kaplan qbank and uworld self assesment and q bank scores.

I would be willing to help review answers.

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