exam in 27 days, SP for discussing imp questions.

4/20/2013 8:05:44 AM
hi guys, i am done with MTB2 and 3 revision once. u world once. my previous study partner got busy with other things at hand ( she will be joining us often ), i am not able to study alone. i aim to score atleast a 240. my study plan: revise one to two topics perday everyday that way finish revising everything in about 10 days first then give nbme 1 ( online )again... then revise again for seven days then give nbme 3 then my main exam. ( ll squeeze in nbme 4, i have done nbme 2 offline i got 203) preferably a female SP who has similar time table and give nbme at the same time so we can discuss NBME questions as well, along with an hour of discussion everyday ( of challenging question we come across or make up)...

4/20/2013 8:06:50 AM
and i forgot to add my skype is its sweetie19863, plz reply only if ur in the same stage of prep...

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