my experience step 2 ck

5/1/2013 7:41:21 AM
given step 2 yesterday
very hard exam
did lot of careless mistakes
10 days before I gave nbme form 4, got 223
In exam, questions were very big and options were confusing
very disappointed after the exam
checked the question answers, about 15-20 question I know I did it wrong in real exam
Is any possibility of getting the good score

2 question s on NNT number needed to treat
too many questions appeared of preventive medicine
please read vaccine ,do OBG-GYNAE and paediatrics very well
too many questions appeared of these subjects
I am feeling as if I did blunders
how much i am going to score in actual exam
any guess?

5/1/2013 10:48:06 AM
I took my exam April 9th, just got the score this morning. My practice scores:
NBME Form 2 = 209 (3 months before)
UWSA CK = = 228 (2 months before)
NBME Form 3 = 205 (1 month before)
NBME Form 4 = 228 (1 week before)
Uworld overall 1st time = 54%
Uworld overall 2nd time = 82%

The day of the exam I knew I missed some questions, and I had to guess on the drug ads because I was running out of time. I too felt like some of the options were confusing or similar, and I also though some of this stuff was not in my Master The Boards nor Uworld... and some stuff I for sure was going to show up because it showed up a lot in Uworld, didn't show up at all! The feeling I got when leaving was "Ok, I'm pretty sure I passed, but I hope I do well according to NBME4/Uworld." Plus, general consensus was that Form 4 was most predictive so I saved that one for last.

Anyways, so my real score I got a 210 and although I'm really happy I passed, because it'd be worse to fail, I'm sorely upset that I didn't at least get a 220 which was my goal :/
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5/1/2013 10:49:52 AM
So I think you passed and in general people score to their NBME 4, so you'll be good!! Big Grin
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