NBME 2 was most predictive for me, anyone else?

5/1/2013 11:36:04 AM
Took my exam April 9, these are my pre-exam stats:
3 months before, NBME 2 = 209
2 months before, UWSA = 228
1 month before, NBME 3 = 205
1 week before, NBME 4 = 228
Uworld 1st time around = overall 53%
Uworld 2nd time around = overall 82%
Real exam, results today = 210

I'm happy I passed of course, but I was expecting a 220 at the least, considering that generally NBME 4 was most predictive, so I'm disappointed as well. NBME 2 seemed to be the best predictor and the extra time I took off for a 220 was pointless. Did anyone else find NBME 2 to be closer to the actual test? I need a support group, lol.

FML, man, FML.

5/2/2013 12:17:20 AM
How did you feel in the exam itself? :/ I felt alright... I felt like a 220 :'(

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