Certificate of identification form

6/12/2013 12:18:51 PM

Can anyone please answer my question? Do we need another certificate of identification form than the one submitted to ECFMG recently for step2 CS?

Thanks in advance.


6/12/2013 4:44:34 PM
Yes, if you're applying for step 3, as I recently did, you need to print out the CID form they have on the website, and fill it out ON the computer I.e. before u print it...then u submit it. Remember u r applying to a separate state, NOT ECFMG. I thought it was more difficult that it turned out to be. Just choose a state, preferably Florida, since they have no prerequisites, and pay. Then FedEx the CID form when u get it filled out. All done within a few days. I got my eligibility period within 2 weeks.

6/12/2013 5:01:46 PM
Hi, thanks for the reply.I was under the impression that we need to notarise the form. isn't it?

6/12/2013 5:06:33 PM
Also can YOU please tell me do we need any post graduate training form ? I am thinking of applying step3 through florida state as they don't have any prerequisites. Lets say I am applying though florida state all they need are, ECFMG CERTIFICATION, FEE, AND CERFIFICATE OF IDENTIFICATION FORM. Is that right?

6/12/2013 5:27:22 PM
yes, the form must be notarised...it says so, and that's what i meant by filling it out. when you pay online, it tells u what u need. you don't have to send in paperwork. its way easy

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