advice needed urgently....

6/21/2013 12:08:46 AM
i m going to finish my uw 2 months subscription on 29 june but i managed to revise IM only,so should i renew my existing subscription or take a new 1 month q bank....which one wl be better??

any body who has read mtb-2 nd 3 both,plz tell me about surgery derma peds gyne psychitry to be done by mtb 3 only or solely by mtb-2 without going through mtb-3....thnx in advance.... forgive fr spelling mistakes..

6/21/2013 9:08:29 AM
I think you should renew your subscription, because u need to go over what you already revised again and do the rest of the topics too.
As for MTB 3 it is very important and nice book, and defiantly pediatrics, surgery, OB/GYN, even some IM things i like in MTB 3 like AIDS, psych i liked MTB 2 better but my point is go over it it is a must.
i hope that help.

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