Tried USMLE-3 and fail 3 times

7/11/2013 12:03:19 PM
I failed step-III 3 times, back then my scores were 66-71. Since then, I have carved a new life but every now and then I wonder if you plan to get back to medicine. I passed step I on first attempt, repeated step-II once. This was depressing particularly when I think of my friends got through.

For some reason, nearly five years after my last attempt, I feel very sad about this, today I decided to get this off my chest, knowing that some of you will be compassionate, some will criticize me and put me down, while other will chose to simply move on to a more interesting topic.

Should I just toughen up and move on, since I already past the 7 y mark for the 3 steps ?


7/12/2013 6:35:52 PM
you should still go a head and chase your dreams...nothing is immpossible...

7/12/2013 8:42:31 PM
What happens after the 7 year mark? Do you have to repeat med school? Or just repeat Step exams??

If this is what you really want, repeat Step 1 and 2. Get into residency and when you take Step 3 you will pass no problem!!!

Good luck!

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