something forgotten in my post

8/7/2013 8:01:03 PM
I forgot a material that I used as I reviewed a topic and when I went prevention vertical It is the USTF prevention services report is important to get used to this information early in your preparation, it is better to go over this information when you are in specific topic, make an habit remember that broad speaking treatments or management can be curative/palliative or preventive.

sample: pediatrics: musculoesq: developmental dysplasia of the hip topic/ read recomendation for children and adolescents in this disease.Later in your study you go vertical in prevention and with big topics like cancer prevention. Focus on what is A or B ( should be done) and what is I(don'ts).

This was one of my weakness in my report (PREVENTION) I think for bio statistics now I would recommend the subject for this topic in UWorld never forget the basics(Ex table 4x4 ) but be prepared for interpretation of clinical trials.

Th other weakness was lesions of limbs a combination of musculosq and neurolog lesions of limbs/ roots/plesopathy/nerves traumatic or related with sports I have a gap in my formation in this items.

Is ridiculous that other area of my weakness was normal development I don't have a solution for this. What I know is that I HATE this topic.If any one knows how to copy and paste pdf format here i can do it so you can look into my weakness.

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