8/29/2013 11:46:03 AM
Hello Everyone,

So I would really appreciate it if you could help me out without the average medical school rumors/demoralizing comments. Too keep it short, My wife is an IMG with outstanding grades in rotations and very strong LORs however her steps are not good. She failed step 1 the first time and passed with a 192 the second time. She then passed CS on the first try and now got her CK grade and failed. She is persistent on applying to the match this year and plans on sitting for the exam in the next few weeks so that she could get her (hopefully pass) score on either October 2nd or 9th. I am trying to tell her to keep on because she barely failed. Very unfortunate and I feel really bad for her. I am sure she can at least pass the exam. She is applying to FM and Psych so please no need to explain that she cant match in the competitive programs because we already know that.
Should she apply on the 15th of September or do you think she should wait until she gets her scores in October. We are scared that it would be too late by then and we would end up spending all this money for a bunch of rejections. I was thinking of personally tutoring her for 2 weeks and she could take the CK on September 16 which would allow her to get her score back on the 9th of October. Again, is that too late? This message is not intended to get people to discourage us and start saying there is no way she will match etc because I have worked with multiple attending in both Pysch and FM that have failed both steps on multiple attempts. If someone would be so kind to give us their opinion on the matter we would really appreciate it. Thanks.

8/30/2013 12:12:16 AM
I may not be the biggest help here but at least 2 students I know who got their results back in October of 2012 are now in FM residencies. One of them had multiple attempts on CK and CS.

I guess just be her support like you already are and don't make her feel like she is wasting your money. She will get through it. Good luck!

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