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9/5/2013 2:50:02 PM
I am quite person, never posted reviews anywhere, but it makes me sad to see lots and lots IMG’s like me taking step 3 but not getting the results they want or have take exam couple of time. Even I passed on second attempt.

I am an old grad took step 2 back in 2009. I had to take and pass step 3 before 2012 otherwise 7years rule would have barred me to take it ever. I wanted to make sure that I understand the material rather than just memorizing, as we all know sole memorization does not get you through any of the USMLE exam. I started with Kaplan step 3 books, I read the books twice. After that I subscribed to archer lectures because I heard lots of people on the forums were saying good things about it. And, no doubt the lectures did helped me a lot. Than I started doing uworld qbank, never scored above 55. At one point qbank blocks just seemed like battle to me. What I realized that I had the good understanding of concept but now I need to memorize the hard facts exam like to ask. Then I bought MTB. At this point I had really good step 3 books- Kaplan books and MTB. I had to make sure that I keep reviewing the Kaplan books, my archer notes and hard facts from MTB and but it was taking to much of my time just to review every day. by the time I would do qbank my brain was already fried form the reviews. I didn’t even have time to do CCS.

When I got little comfortable with the material I subscribed CCS workshop and started doing CCS cases every day. But my qbank average never passed above 55. I read on forums lots of doctors were passing even with 55 averages in qbank. I had to take test because I wanted to make sure my scores will be available before end of October which is dead line for most of the program. After taking the test I was scared because first of all the exam was hard , second I was also about to fall in the 7 year rule category.

My results came some where in mid October and I failed with 176. I depressed for whole day but at the same I knew that at this point either I stay depressed and not do any thing or just forget about what happened and take one more chance because after all according to USMLE 7 year rule I can still register for my exam before December. I registered for my exam and started studying again. But I had to change something in my old study material to get better results. I spent one whole day going through book than went to local book store to see if they have any different book. Thn I saw Next Step in management USMLE step 3 in one of the local bookstore. I believe now it is even available on line. I got the copy and read one chapter a day along with my old material. What I liked the most about this book I was able to understand and memorize the important from one book. Which saved me lot of time. I went through the book twice before doing questions.

I started with Kaplan qbank was averaging high 60’s , then did uworld qbank average 60’s. I read the CCS form the book, couple of CCS cases on the real exam came right of the book. I took my exam in feb and thank God I passed it this time, this was ONLY chance. Hands down to the Dr. Dhesi who’s unique way to present information such a way to enjoy, understand and memorize information at the same time. it made possible for me to pass this hard exam.

Here is the link i found on line. I am not promoting any book here but trying to help as many as i can, it helped me hope it will help you as well. Wish someone had done it for me..

In the end all I want to say if I can do it you can too. don’t give up just because some one is putting you down or didn’t make it through first time…. just do it.
edited by priya_singh on 9/5/2013

9/5/2013 6:19:54 PM
congrats priya, thank you for sharing your experience. I passed my exam because of this book and I recommend it to every one.

are you applying this year? I am working on my application. please keep us posted.

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