step2CK score

9/27/2013 5:22:46 PM
what does 230 translate to in 2digits?? alot of PDs are old school. is 230 a good score?? my score report says the avrg for US and canadaian students is 238 wit SD of 19. that tells me 230 suxxxx

9/27/2013 7:48:07 PM
You should be proud... 230 is a really good score. May I ask what your nbme and uwsa scores were?

9/27/2013 8:46:10 PM
"for recent administerations the mean score and standard radiation for 1st time examines from US and canadian medical colleges are 238 and 19 respectively"
this tells me 230 isnt that great
i ddnt take a practice nbme test cuz of lack of time. but i wud strongly recomend NBME4 .the uworld Question threads are not as lengthy as the actual exam, and for me that was the biggest issue - completing a block in time. NBME4 is a pretty good simulation for the exam (according to friends).
i was averaging from 70s-t0-84 (avrg 75+)

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