UW simulated exam results

11/4/2013 6:20:50 PM
Hello all,

I'm an IMG who isn't in Residency and preparing for my step 3.
I've gone over MTB and also UW questions 2xce and a score of 63% the first time and now 70%.
I took the UW simulated assessment yesterday and got a 460 (~ 207), which I wasn't exactly excited about and so I decided to move my actual exam (which was in two weeks) to sometime next year (January).

I plan to go over MTB CK and MTB for step 3, and again review uworld questions and maybe try Kaplan Q's if they aren't too expensive.

I know there are a plethora of resources, but I'd like to have an extra concise book that I could study as a reference or comparative text, as online lectures or pre-recorded videos and I don't really work well together.

1.)Which one will you recommend? (currently I use CMDT; wordy, detailed and not portable)

2.)Also What kind of assessment or simulated test scores should I aim for if I'm hoping to get a 220+ ?

3.) Lastly asides uworld and Kaplan, are there any resources that really hone in on understanding the patient's clinical presentation over just memorising things? I feel my lack of clinical experience has prevented me from seeing atypical presentations of some disorders and even those that are typical. I can't seem to apply my knowledge well enough to some of the cases even though the actual knowledge of the pathophysiology (and maybe even presentation-in some cases) of the disease isn't lacking.

Thank you.

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