tomorrow is my exam,please advice.

12/26/2013 5:00:28 PM
gaith88 wrote:
Guys,after less than 5 hours I'll take my exam sep 2. I had like 6 bouts of watery diarrhea and having nausea now. I couldn't sleep ;it means I have been awake 20 hours and I cann't sleep. I was excited to clear the exam but now I'm afraid that I won't survive more that 3-4 blocks and I don't how will my condition be after couple of hours. I'm thinking of not going to exam...It shouldn't be considered an attempt as far as I know.any advice and thanks

I will tell you how it is. Do not be scared. You studied very hard for it. Go into the exam and kill it! Forget what other people tell you otherwise on these forums. YOU CAN DO IT. A little bit of anxiety is normal, but too much is not good for you. You will be fine. If you think you won't re-read what I just wrote again. Best of luck soldier, you will pass.

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