please advise what study material to read for CK

2/2/2014 6:56:06 PM
Please advise me what books or study material to use apart from UWorld for CK
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2/3/2014 7:29:04 PM
mtb2, mtb3, pathoma, step2secrets.

2/4/2014 10:32:07 AM
Yes, I am interested...

2/9/2014 1:22:04 PM
salomon708 wrote:
mtb2, mtb3, pathoma, step2secrets.

thanks for your reply and helpful suggestion. just wondering, would CMDT and Kaplan notes for CK help?
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2/10/2014 11:43:10 AM
kaplan notes help, CMDT is too long.

2/12/2014 10:54:54 PM
well i am taking step 2 ck first so i need to study harder for this one since i dont have the pathology basics.
I am reviewing the 2013 edition of goljan pathology rapid review meanwhile i study from the books i listed below

Toronto notes 2013. Super easy to read, pretty high yield info and very good for management and treatment
MTB 2. it lacks a lot of info and that reflects on the qbank. i did the Kaplan High yield videos too
Step up to step 2ck- i plan to do it with the DIT videos
and step 2 secrets- highly recommended

i also reviewed some sections of kaplan notes for the ck at least for peds and IM. but as i said. for me is a little bit harder.

2/12/2014 11:51:46 PM
Use this book as an adjunct to help you improve your understanding of the material and your score:

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