Passed CK

3/24/2014 3:41:51 PM
Hey guys I owe just wanted to inform you guys of my experience. So CK is a beast do not underestimate it. Here is my info:
Carib student recently graduated,
step 1- 200 on second try, failed first time by 2 pts
step 2 cs passed first time after reviewing first aid for cs with a firend for 1 week, read the first section of differentials for a month and the last week just praticed with my friend doing the cases and timing on the usmle pracitse website for the CS.
Now STEP 2CK, its tough. I only used this QBANK uworld, first time 64% second time 88%, all random and timed. Started with 20qs daily then when got better 2-4 blocks daily, always random and timed. Believe me that will be the hardest part time!!! during the exam I ran out of time the last 3 blocks,
I did DIT 2011 3 times , yes i Know 2013 was out but I could not afford it and just read what I had. I also read cover to cover MTB2 the newest version 2 times. Now I wanted to see were I stood and did the uworld assessment and scored a 218. I then did the NMBE number 1- 4 I believe th next day and scored a 204 and 198 respectively. Was soo surprised that I got freaked out and postponed my date by 3 wks. I reread MTB2 and just the quizes of DIT and did a block of world each day. Well anyways long story short I decided not to do any more assessments and just went for it. During the day of my test all i eat was the power bars and redbulls. I took a break after every block and just splashed water on my face and gave my self a pep talk , yes after everyblock I did that lol . Nothing on the exam was nothing you will have not seen before or heard of before if you did clinicals in the states. So there was no surprises. My approach was this , read the last sentence first ,what do they want, then skim through the paragraph and come up with your answser and see if its on the answer section. my blocks were always in the range from 42-48.
I totally left the place thinking that I failed. Received my marks 3 wks later
228. I was soo happy and literately cried of happiness, Thank GOD i passes.
SO here is my advice, DIT for step 2ck , MTB2, Uworld Q bank ,take exam only when getting at least high 80s average on each black. Believe me you will get there. Good night sleep i got like 5 hrs. power barsm granola bars and red bulls. DO not do the NMBE those are outdated and threw me off. Anyways that is my 2cents. Good luck on this journey that nobody else knows what we go through excepet others that have taken this road before.

3/24/2014 3:52:10 PM
Congratulations. Thank you for the tips. So do you think that the UW Assess is better that NBME?

3/27/2014 2:26:22 PM
Carlitap1 wrote:
Congratulations. Thank you for the tips. So do you think that the UW Assess is better that NBME?

Yes hands down yes, however as I stated earlier. Make sure you are getting high 80s on the question bank with at least 2-5 mins left on each block, the more the better. They have to be Random and timed, This worked for me, I scored 10 pts higher then my Uworld assessment

I am currently studing for step 3 and managed to get DIT 2ck 2013 version, it is really the same material as 2011 so did not make a difference that i used an older version. Uworld qbank was key along with MTB2 and of course DIT
Good luck

4/8/2014 5:33:14 AM
How long did this whole process take you? How much time were you able to dedicate to it daily?

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