STEP 3 experience

4/9/2014 9:17:28 AM
I am writing on this forum as i think i owe it to you folks...

Passed 200 (2nd attempt, first was 3 years ago)
UW assesment 203
NBME FORM 3 was 340 (failed)
Prep Time: 2 months with 3rd year residency.

Materials: MTB, Crush step 3 (some units), Med Quest video Lectures by CF (yes, i watched them all and added stuff to MTB - probably the most helpful and beneficial thing and the best investment of my life)
UW questions: Did about 700qs from the bank, did not have time to finish all, i assume i would have scored better if i had done all but who cares as long as u pass. percentage was in mid 60s to sometimes 70%.

Method: Finished all lectures with MTB in one month as time allowed... Started UW questions and did as many as i could in a day. Then did 9 days of crash MTB revisions with a friend that helped cramming... then did one week of final quick review with quick eyeballing of Crush step 3. I guess that book helped revising some of the old stuff from step 1 and 2 which is missing in MTB...

First of all, i want to thank all the folks who have been posting their experiences and score correlates. I took a chance on my exam after reading some of these posts which were very helpful. When i took the actual exam, i thought i did terrible and will definitely fail, especially after a fail score on NBME form 3. Its just that i thought my prep was fine, i did UWSA 2 days after i failed on NBME just to see where i stand and i scored 203. Then after reading some of the posts that actually showed that UWSA was actually under-predicting scores, i took a chance and it paid off. I have never been stressed to this level for any exam as all my future plans were dependent on this one... state license, fcvs etc....

My exam suggestions: I got many paired questions for Abstracts from biostats... wasted a lot of time on them... There is no solution to these stupid types of Qs, they are a waste of time. DONT EVEN THINK TWICE and leave them for the end, if you have time, then try to figure out the answers, otherwise, just pick an answer, it doesn't matter, the chances of you getting them right after spending 5 mins will be close to NIL... However, for DRUG Ads, you may give it a try as some of them make sense and you may get them right. Timing is everything and always do timed mode questions so you can handle the pressure on the day of exams. CCS cases were overall straight forward and UW cases are more than enough for practice...

Lastly, just trust on yourself and keep telling yourself that you can do this. The exam is not bigger than you.
Best of Luck to All readers.

4/9/2014 10:07:53 PM
do you think i should take step3 before i start residency or in my second year. I want to score high and look good for residency applications.

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