last 4 weeks please help

4/16/2014 5:56:48 PM
I have 5 weeks left until my exam and I have done DIT, one pass of uworld, and pathoma during my medical school year. I am also familiar with first aid but I still need to memorize it. My plan is to use first aid, and pathoma during my 5 weeks along with uworld questions and explanations. For those of you who have used uworld, pathoma and first aid, I have 2 questions for you.

1) How did you do pathoma? did you read a chapter, and then watch the videos for that same chapter and move on? Or did you read a chapter, watch the videos for the same chapter, and then reread that chapter?

2) Did you do pathoma once and first aid over and over again till your exam date? Or did you do first aid over and over again to build concepts and do pathoma at the end? Or did you do fa, then pathoma, then fa again, then pathoma again, and then fa again?

Basically I am at the point where I am debating whether I should keep reading first aid in my last month and a half(read it around 5 times) and then do pathoma in the last 5 days(since i’m familiar with it, altho I forgot the details). Or should I read first aid in 10 days, then do pathoma in 6 days, then read first aid again in 10 days, and then do pathoma again in 6 days, all the way until my exam. Please advise me what you think.

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