Step 1 scores

4/18/2014 10:25:15 AM
I think u have a good score.
U should still fighting for ur dream, but u need to have positive thoughts and stop being so pessimistic.
U just need to have faith and trust in God.
Attract the good instead of the bad!
Good luck!

4/19/2014 5:51:10 PM
hi , your score is good , im still waiting fore my score and yes im scared but I have faith , I know an imgs who score lees than you and got matched in IM, so have your faith and fight fore your future.

good luck

4/21/2014 11:57:29 AM
marifalcone wrote:
Thank you, maryamoth it's so good to hear success histories from ppl who were in the same situation as I am right now.

Regarding your results, those 3 weeks are torturing, but I'm rooting for you, you'll get the score you want )) .

Best of luck and let me know how it was!

thanks , god bless u

4/23/2014 12:46:34 PM

I think you have good score, My score is less than you ( 215 ). I am very much disappointed by myself. I am an IMG. Could someone tell honestly whether I would get any residency in IM

4/23/2014 9:07:45 PM
First of all, let us try to understand scores of USMLE. The conversion of 3 digit minimum passing score (whatever it is during that testing period. It was 188 prior to Jan 2014 but currently it is 192 for Step 1 which is equivalent to a 2 digit score of 75. This 75 is neither percent nor percentile. It just indicates the passing equivalent. Likewise a 2 digit score of 90 or 99 also neither percent nor percentile. Mean score changes between 215-235 with a standard deviation of 20 (Both Mean and standard deviation for the test you have taken are displayed on your score report). Remember the Mean and the Median are same for a normal distribution graph. Always remember, getting anything above mean i.e. falling within Mean + 1 standard deviation is good and anything Mean - 1 standard deviation are not so good. The range of Step 1 scores interviewed for Internal Medicine generally fall between 215-245. For Family medicine and Psychiatry are a little bit lower than this. Evaluate your scores based on this information for your chances of getting interviews. Remember that the scores are not the only criteria for getting match and interviews. There are many other factors play role. However I wish all a good luck.
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