Computer error & froze during exam :(

8/27/2014 1:22:41 PM
Has anyone had any experience of the computer giving an error message during the exam and then freezing ?
It happened to me 3 days back while I was on the last block. I got an error and it instructed me to contact the Proctor. The proctor couldn't restart it on the same computer but was able to restart it on another computer. It started from the same question. I completed the rest of the exam and also the survey.
After the exam I asked the proctor about it and he said " its quite common & in his system it shows I have completed the test". He then gave me the printout and assured me that if anything had gone wrong , he wouldn't have been able to print the page.
Even though he assured me , I am very worried that this may affect my score.
If anyone has had a similar experience or knows of anyone who did please reply. I will really appreciate your help.

8/28/2014 1:33:27 PM
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I am very scared .... Pls if anyone can reply

8/29/2014 8:29:53 AM
this has never happened to me.

8/29/2014 2:32:28 PM
I haven't taken CK yet. This happened to me during the MCAT at a prometric center. They restarted the computer and sent me back to the same section; however, I lost some time on the section and opted not to score the test at the end. I retook the test one week later.
Good luck!

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