9/2/2014 2:39:23 PM
This sounds absolutely crazy.
If someone is not ready to take the exam, then they should not take the exam. If it takes you 5 or 6 attempts to pass the steps, then maybe this isn't the right career for you. I've heard of people failing twice or even three times, but 6 is too much. Why would you go take the exam if you didn't pass an NBME. You should know in your mind and heart..when you are ready to take the exam..Even if you have garbage teachers and horrible instruction, at the end of the day it falls on you to learn the material needed to pass step1, ck, cs...someone who fails the steps either had bad time management, horrible learning skills, or basically did not push their exam forward until they actually passed
What is a lawyer going to do for you? I'm surprised the ECFMG even gives us 6 chances.

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