took my exam today

9/15/2014 7:34:49 PM
Hi guys, I took my step 3 today and soooooo scared. Could not manage 1 case and did major blunders in 4 cases. I had good uwsa score about 20 days ago but then became soo nervous. any suggestions please.

9/15/2014 7:58:02 PM
what do you remember from your step3?
was it hard? was it similar to u-world? different?
did any of the cases from CCS come on your real exam?

stop worrying right now you are finished. with your exam.

9/15/2014 8:10:56 PM
well, it was hard. For ccs I ordered invasive procedure in 1 case and in another case I sent patient home from clinic when I had to send it to ER. I started working up one case with other diagnosis but patient improved. All the patients eventually improve and cases ended before time except last case. Any suggestions please.

9/15/2014 8:13:12 PM
fama, what is your Skype name? please add me

9/15/2014 8:16:03 PM
my Skype is not working.

9/15/2014 8:18:47 PM
thanks salmon708. have u taken ur exam.

9/15/2014 8:35:02 PM
can you private message me?
check your inbox.

You need to just calm down for one second.
do you think the exam was harder than u-world?

9/15/2014 8:36:07 PM
what are you worried about now. pick 2 things that you are worried about. you can't have anxiety after you take an exam.

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