I passed step 2 cs Alhamdulilah. Details posted...

10/9/2014 2:59:18 AM
First and foremost, I like to thank Allah for helping me through this. I couldn't have done it without Him.

Secondly, I had a lot of help from my wife who went through the cases with me everyday, pushing me. My family insisted I take the Kaplan one week course (i am a foreign grad) which helped my physical exam and cleared up some patient note stuff plus provided a confidence boost. It also gives you an assessment exam of sorts so you know where you are and from there you can improve on your weakness. At home we read First Aid for CS front to back and concentrated on timing and patient note. I also read kaplan complex cases and the regular lecture book 2010 edition. Furthermore, I learnt the signs & symptoms/differentials/supporting evidence/labs and for certain disease i wasn't sure about. I would also go on medscape and figure out things that made one case different from another. I spent about 3 months studying for it on and off... One month straight after Kaplan. I took it in Atlanta.
Also, thanks to all the people who have posted and helped everyone along the way.In this spirit of community I would like to offer my assistance to whoever needs it, i know everyone does not have time or means to take the prep courses, i got lucky... So, if you need help/tutor just email me at [email protected] --- Don't worry it is FREE Note: Obviously i can't tell you about specific cases on my exam because that is prohibited but i can help you with general things like physical exams, patient note strategies and give you some moral support as a friend. Thank you, good luck, peace!
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