Step 3- Part2

10/16/2014 12:47:15 PM
Next day, I had four blocks of 36 questions, I still continued to struggle missing total of 6 questions (randomly picking or not even had enough time to pick anything) Similar story in terms of the questions and length, but somewhere even 1 line questions. One thing I realized is the step 3 did not completely cover with questions with topics like RA, COPD, colon caner etc the topics you think will have higher set of questions.
CCS: DON’T MEMORIZE UWORLD CCS CASES because step 3 will not be asking the same topics on the test. Be familiar what to order in different situations in terms of office and ER (routine and stat) and when to send a patient to ER from office etc. Cases on the step 3 were little bit difficult to diagnose and anxiety/frenziness in your head in making sure to order test sometimes freezes your brain for the name of the diagnoses, which happened to me. SO BE AWARE.

When I came out of the exam, I thought I might have failed the exam for missing the multiple-choice questions and contemplating the choices and not able to write or figure out the diagnosis on CCS. I even started working on Plan B of figuring details on how to prepare next time and changes that may be included in new exam. But guess what I got my score and I passed 195.

One more thing, I recommend the day or two days before go over ob/gyn, peds and psych from master the boards, because they will help to answer some questions really fast and help save time in other topics.

Glad I done with steps now and thanks Steps for teaching part of me that I never knew: NERVOUSNESS and ANXIETY

Let me know if you have questions or queries that I may be able to answer

10/16/2014 8:37:10 PM
Thanks very much. Your summarized your experience so well. awesome. congratulations on passing the exam. I plan on doing MTB and UWorld qs.
again. your advice was very helpful.
All the best.

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