Looking for a CK study partner

11/3/2014 8:07:52 AM
Hi guys,

My name is Sunitha, I'm currently looking for a study partner for CK.

I am currently finishing my 1st time around with uworld questions (my subscription ends Nov 15th, I have about 500 questions left) I would like to do a second time around with a study partner and even to read MTB (if you are up for reading together)

I am looking for someone who is willing to dedicate about 6-8hrs of studying a day (about 3-4 blocks of questions a day, which will be done subject wise and later on in random mode) We can do each block in test mode (one of us will create the test and send the IDs for the test and we can take it together at the same time and then review it after together) This method requires a new question bank or one with many unused questions so we can make the same tests. We should/will be able to finish the question bank in a month.

If this method does not work for you, another way will be in tutor mode.(still planning on finishing 3-4 blocks a day)

IF you live in the Hartford CT area, we could meet at the Uconn law library and study together also, but skype works just ask fine, as we can start at early as 7am and go till about 5-7pm (eastern time)

I am looking for someone who is committed, since I want to be ready to give this exam by the end of Nov or beginning of Dec.

I would like to start this next week (Second week of Nov)

If you are interested. Please Email me at [email protected]

thank you.
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