please help me

2/3/2015 11:29:08 PM
can any body who took exam address these questions

in the first day in every block how many bio stats questions are there

in every block how many drug adds are there

total number of bio stat questions first day for all 6 blocks
are the blocks 6 or 7
does the pharma adds have stats in it
does u world q bank have pharma add in it
were to prepare for pharma add

2/22/2015 1:05:39 PM

I'm taking this freaking exam sometime in May...
So, I'm as interested as you are. Borrowed this from a guy sit on the two days of the exam in January 2015. Here's the post:
"Day 1 was full of biostatics & drug adds. It was less of a foundation (FIP) than day 2 frankly. For prospective takers, my advice is, master uworld (biostatistics, qbank, & ccs), Conrad's Master the Boards & correlations & clinical scenarios esp internal medicine (the only one I read of the 4 series). Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish the unworldly bioststistics as well as ccs due to my job. Studied mainly from mid-Nov till I took the exam while still working 40 hrs full time. For day 1, time Mgmt is a big issue because of the drug adds and stems are also longer compared to day 2 mcqs. For the drug adds, I suggest u go the last part of the question stem to know what is being asked before going to the drug to skim through otherwise u may not finish 70% of the questions. However this may not apply to all the drug add questions. Biostatistics Qs were so many (about 20% or more). Day 1 seemed dissimilar to unworldly Qs but principles are same only they appeared harder. Per scheduling, best to schedule both exams less than one week apart b/4 studying fatigue sets in & before u get carried away by focusing only on ccs forgetting u still have about 198 mcqs to tackle on day 2. My unworldly overall performance was 74 @ 89th percentile but was a month before the exam.Did not renew qbank one month subscription as I made a lot of notes I review during my lunch break at work & each time come back from work, sleeping about 3-4 hrs per night for over one month. Results will be out in April & I believe the Lord for the best despite my shortcomings esp for day 1 & part of ccs".
Hope this helps.
Good luck

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