Passed step 2 cs high performance ice CIS

2/13/2015 10:56:59 PM
I got my passing scores got high performance in CIS and ice earlier this month I would like to sincerely thank this forums study partners Goldusmlereview was extremely helpful.
I spent about 1week studying before I went to the goldusmlereview in houston I felt that the course made the biggest difference for me, the doctor helped me so much and covered all the chief complaints and body systems. Their patients are very realistic and very good they helped me understand what mistakes I was making
It was definitely a quick fix for the exam and I highly recommend it, I took their 5 day cs review course and took 3 separate mock exams in the 5 days it was the best choice I made... Did 36 cases under timed environment is the best way to approach this exam and the doctor has an excellent physical exam review too
I felt that their Sps and staff really care About you and want you to improve
My advice for the exam
Sleep 8 hrs night before
Practice patient notes for 1-2 days nonstop until your speed is over 34 wpm
Have several different study partners that will give a different view
Do as many mock exams as possible to get your timing down
Memorize mnemonics and pe sequence before going to test
I took exam in Philly a lot of AMG I WAS ONLY IMG it was definitely scary but I was confident in what I know

2/13/2015 10:57:17 PM
I took my exam nov 17 in philly

2/14/2015 9:09:32 AM
Thank you very much sumathi for being my study partner you helped me a lot thank you for your time
And being my studying with me when I could not find anyone else
You deserve to pass

2/18/2015 1:34:09 PM
CONGRATULTAIONS .I have exam in PHILL on march 4.2015 and im really scared abt pt note,can u plz tell me do we have to write the physical exam findings with each diagnoses or we can just leave empty if we dont find anything on exam...any tips for fast typing and can we write in capital.


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