4/3/2015 11:31:41 AM
Hanuman87 wrote:
Hello, So i took my exam in april 2014 and I failed..I havent taken it again yet because havent been able to " prepare" i guess.
I took it in Atlanta...I thought I did well..because i counseled, finished all notes, closed all cases but i dont know what happened. I failed the ICE part.

And now I need to take it again, should I take it at Atlanta again or which center shud I go to?. Can someone guide me please. WE all are in same filed to become doctors and help people, your help will take tension off my head.

Ive got family pressure also so I need to take and pass it.

Read and review your medicine very well. The exam is NOT about diagnosis. It is about how you synthesis your diagnosis based on data gathering. You must rule out and rule in all possible causes of a CC.

4/13/2015 2:48:57 AM
Hi I am Sujata. did you do all practice cases in uworld. i am preparing for exam in june 2015.

4/16/2015 10:39:17 AM
just passed step 2 CS last october 2014 (i am an IMG). if you want, you can post your email here and i can get in touch with you. best of luck!

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