need your help plz!! IMG with low score

11/5/2015 5:56:48 PM
Im an IMG who just graduated from medical school, i did my step 1 exam i got my score 208. I'm doing now couple of observership in US. Should i continue and do step2 score, or just quit. Is there chance for me to be matched. I don't mind which speciality i match. FM, peds, IM all fine with me.

Please i need your help.

thank you.

11/14/2015 10:17:35 PM
Hi. I have some friends that were IMG to and matched last year with 205. I think that if you score really well in step 2 you can make it. And the practices help a lot. This year I have another friend that had 205 to and she has 4 interviews. But all of them improved at list to 230 or more in 2 ck. Hope this help you and good luck.

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