my experience on STEP 3

11/29/2015 10:26:23 PM
I reviewed MTB and did UW Q bank almost 1.5 times and I failed; low performance in day one and OK on day two with pretty good CCS. I thought I should do more tests. So this time I started with Kaplan Q bank and then I switched to UW again because I didn’t know any other reliable Q bank. Even though I had a very good cumulative score and I didn’t have timing issue, I failed for the second time and once again the day one performance was low! So I got the Kaplan lectures on line and the new books. Didn’t do that much of test this time, only CCS practice on USMLE Consult because it gives you some ideas about the way these cases are scored. Also I did the new NBME for step-3 which I got a reasonable score. I came out of day one with a good spirit but surprisingly my CCS cases were all complicated. Despite the fact that everybody says CCS cases are straight forward, I didn’t have a single straight forward case!! I couldn’t sleep for a week after my exam and I was almost depressed and hopeless... I got my passing score the day before Thanksgiving! I definitely improved in my day one performance and surprisingly my CCS was even better than the other times! I'm so happy
My recommendation: 1- Don’t repeat the same resource as you are already familiar with it. 2-
If your performance is low in one or two subject, try to improve it by studying that subject not by using the tests. 3- Use the latest and newest resources, don’t rely on the books you borrowed from your friend who took the test three years ago. 4- There is no way to practice for drug ads; you can practice and improve your statistics but drug ads are a good number of the questions on the first day (one ad per block, each has 2-3 questions) and they might be OK vs pretty stupid. 5- Besides the drug ads there are a lot of statistics questions on day one but they are your time saver as they are usually easy and short if you have a moderate knowledge of statistics.
Good luck!

12/22/2015 6:20:13 AM
Hey, what were your scores on uw and nbme?
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