step 3 do and don'ts

1/8/2016 11:40:08 AM
Just wanted to know how to start preparing for step 3 exam? which study materials ?how long preparation time?and looking for SP asap. Any advice would be appreciated.

1/12/2016 8:04:35 PM
It depends.
Are you IMG or AMG. Are you in a clinical residency in the USA?
Are you in a surgical residency in the USA?
You are not in a residency at all and you are coming from overseas to take the test.
How long since you took Step 2, all levels?
If you are an AMG in a clinical residency only a month or two.
If you are an AMG in a surgical residency, two to three months.
If you are an IMG in a clinical residency, add one month.
If you are an IMG in a surgical residency, add two months.
If you are an IMG in no residency, 6 months minimum.
If your are an IMG who took the Step 2 more than six month ago, 8 months minimum.
This is if you are serious and responsible at the time to study.
If you are a kamikazee, none of this apply to you.
Good luck!!!
Regarding material to study: Kaplan+UW+Archer for CCS
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5/23/2016 5:35:39 PM
thanks. great help!

would you recommend any books? or is the MTB for CK/first aid for CK enough?

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