US MD seeking IM/FM Resident Step 3 Study Partner

3/1/2016 6:14:07 PM
Hi I'm looking for a current IM or FM Resident to partner up with for Step 3. I'm taking it at the end of April. I'm a current Pathology resident with an MPH, so I'll be strong in stats and oncology, and hoping you'll be strong in clinical medicine.

Study plan: All UW questions, repeat incorrect/marked and Step 3 DIT
Quick read over First Aid OR do an in-depth read of MTB 3 depending on how my qbank scores look

For the ACM: CCS cases (50+ in uworld + 6 free from NBME) x 2
(if those go well, that's enough, but if I need more I'll go to Archer CCS cases).

Seems like overkill, but that's ok, I want to pass for sure on the 1st try. I will have very light duty days over the next 2 months (4-5 hrs work every other day + studying 4-6 hrs/day most weekend). I'm in the NYC area, but we can also talk via Skype. I don't mind if you're in a different time zone. Thanks! please reply here and I'll send you my Skype ID and cell phone.
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