need your advice

3/17/2016 4:55:49 PM
Hi guys,
For those of you, who has passed Step 1, would you please let me know about step 1 exam. I would like to know if FA and UW would be enough for the exam ( if I know these two sources very well) and mostly for the Path. Would you suggest any other sources and any other Question banks? I have my exam in 2 months, and if you can let me know here or inbox me, I really appreciate a lot.

3/19/2016 12:12:56 PM
I took step 1 last June and got 236. (Goal was 250, but what are ya gonna do) Utilized UWorld as my only qbank and annotated in my FA when doing questions. Only other resource I used was DIT because my school "purchased" it for us (with our tuition $ of course), but I did end up liking it. With your time frame, prob not the best use. UW and FA should be more than enough, imo.

Got this tip 2wks bf test and wish I started earlier...Read through FA and all the facts you can't/haven't remembered write down on a piece of paper. Divide the total FA pages into how many days you want to take to complete this task and do that many pages a day. Then each night and the next morning review these notes you've made. Do that days pages in FA with notes. Then at night review all the notes (prev days incl) and the next am same thing.
Good luck

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