NBME score and UWSA score

5/10/2016 11:48:56 PM
I did UWSA on Sunday. Got 470 (210) but keep in mind that there is no ccs component and only correlates to mcq. I did today NBME form 4. Even I felt the questions were more easy going to read or straight forward I got 330 and that really surprised me. Statistics q's were long. I didn't even analyze them because of time management. My test is on thursday and friday, no dates available in the 3 month period to reschedue!!!! Suggestions???

5/11/2016 6:49:47 PM
If you are doing well on your Qbanks >80% and you feel comfortable with the CCS cases and statistics and ethics, go and take it! The exam is very different to the UWSA and NBME, just review the questions you got wrong, some of them may appear in the real exam. Good luck!

5/15/2016 5:45:13 PM
In regards to the previous user's comment, I think "doing well" is persistently scoring within +/- 5 % of the average on your blocks. Of course there are also additional factors such as: doing the blocks timed vs untimed, mixed, tutor mode etc. To define "doing well" as scoring >80% is such a gross understatement that it may be taken as sarcastic. If you are scoring >80% on your blocks you would be the 80th to 90th percentile. Go over your wrong answers, practice CCS, understand some basic biostat equations, and you should be more than likely to pass. First time pass rates for step 3 for both US and IMGs are 92% and 89%. Good luck .

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